Tomato Review: White Queen

2011 Review.  Not a great tomato year in my area.  Cool & rainy May, ok June & VERY hot & dry July

Late, indeterminate,  white oblate tomato, Heirloom introduced by the Earl May Seed Co. in 1941

Planted:  2 plants from a trade set out June 7th with a bit of Septoria. 
First fruit set: June 22nd.
Height: Average height, about 5-6′.
First Ripe Fruit:  August 10th. Late season.
Yields:  Prolific.  One of the best producers of the year.
Uses: A fun sauce tomato.  I made “White Hot Salsa” with this tomato & some white Habaneros.  Yum.  Sliced fresh it has a sweet flavour with no tang.  I like tang.  It had a very nice texture & the colour is phenomenal! 
Taste: Decent for sauce/salsa.  Good fresh eating. 

Overall: Most of the fruit were ribbed in my garden & I love the look of the ribbed heirlooms.  Awesome colour & fun to try recipes with.  A hit with people who haven’t seen a white (actually cream) tomato.  Grow it again!

Don’t forget – my taste buds are different from yours, as is my weather, soil, growing habits etc.  You may agree or disagree with my review.  Grow it yourself & tell me if you like it (:

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