Tomato Review: Costoluto Genovese

2011 Review.  Not a great tomato year in my area.  Cool & rainy May, ok June & VERY hot & dry July

Midseason, indeterminate, ribbed red tomato, Italian Heirloom

Planted:  Sown very late, as I ordered some more seeds very late & couldn’t resist trying to get ripe fruit! For the following data – note that the seeds were sown about 2 months late.  I am not the most patient person in my garden (: Sown officially on June 11th.  planted out June 30th, as 3″ seedlings!
First fruit set: July 29th. (would likely be mid-late June normally)
Height: Never got very tall.  About 4′ in total.
First Ripe Fruit:  September 9th (about 90 days from seed – fairly early).
Yields:  Seemed average.  There were quite a few fruit that the frost got at the end of the season – likely would have been good yields if planted on time.
Uses: A great sauce tomato.  I really enjoyed the cooked flavour.  OK for fresh eating – looked very pretty sliced on a plate.  Very good tangy flavour dried. I didn’t have enough to try much else with it.
Taste: Very good saucer.

Overall: I love the ribbed tomatoes.  They look so cool when sliced.  I was happy with this one in sauce & dried.  I would like to try it for salsa.  There were quite a few seeds. It was so pretty sliced.  Bright red.

Don’t forget – my taste buds are different from yours, as is my weather, soil, growing habits etc.  You may agree or disagree with my review.  Grow it yourself & tell me if you like it (:

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2 Responses to Tomato Review: Costoluto Genovese

  1. anubeon says:

    I’ve been growing these for the first time this year. The first few fruits have been utterly insipid and unpleasantly meally. I’ve read scattered reports that these plants love heat, so perhaps our differing growing conditions (growbags, UK zone 8b) can account for taste differences. I’ve also read that the taste intensifies upon cooking, and given their meally texture I’ve no doubt that they’re pectin rich and would make good saucers. It’s just a shame that reliable information about this variety (and the 3 or the other 5 heritage varieties I’m growing this year) is so thin on the ground (hence me commenting on this blog post). The seed catalougues are filled with assinine pleasantries and phoney sales patter, they’re so unreliable as a source of information.


    • nicky says:

      Yes, according to most seed companies every tomato is the best you have ever tasted! If you want a giggle check out Sample Seeds. The owner, Remy’s descriptions are real. Sometimes she really likes a tomato…. Sometimes it is clear that she will not be growing it again!

      Try saucing Costoluto Genovese. It really isn’t for eating off the vine. They sure are funky looking! Very photogenic!


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