Carrotfest & Canning

I managed to convince my non-gardening family to come to another harvest festival with me… this time it was Carrot fest at Everdale Organic Farm.

It was the perfect sunny hot fall day for a farm romp. The farm was lovely, all hilly and a bit wild. It was a bit hard to control myself with all of the seed heads beckoning in the gardens, but I restrained myself. (Maybe I have a problem!) There was quite a bit to do and see. The kids had a good time making veggie people – the 12-year-old made a veggie-vampire (thanks Twilight) and the other was `Veg Man` in the picture below. We spent a couple of hours petting, animals, checking out how to build the bread oven, learing how to ferment your own soda pop (gotta go get some ginger)… Lots of fun. Then we headed home so the hubby could put a second floor on the chicken coop.

In the meantime I have been turning our house into a torture chamber canning chilis and Habaneros. Well worth it though – we have lots of pickled peppers, dried peppers (in the dehydrator outside) and hot sauce! Coldroom canning shelves are filling well this year.

Now I will have to add soda pop to the mix. If anyone is interested I found a website that uses the same recipe as I saw (and tasted mmmmm….) at the farm.

Update: It worked incredibly well & I have been making a lot of pop  (:

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