Rockton World’s Fair & Oktoberfest

It was a busy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  Sunny and 26C – absolutely gorgeous so we decided to go to the Rockton Worlds Fair on Saturday. There are quite few fall fairs around right now. We picked this one because the chickens were on display all weekend. Since doing the coop addition we have been trying to figure out which 4 breeds to add to our tiny flock. The fair helped us decide… now we just have to find some for sale! Personally I love the little Polish guys like the one in the picture below! When we buy one – I get naming privileges! It is going to be RodStewart, DebbieHarry, RobertSmith, SidVicious or JohnnyRotten depending on who she most resembles! I figure that anything that makes me laugh every time that I look at it should be included in our family.

Also pictured are the cupcakes that the kids decided that we need to copy for Halloween.

Monday we went to the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade. Every year we put on mittens, hats, scarves, 2 pairs of socks, winter jackets & 2 sweaters & head off to the parade. This year we pulled on shorts and wandered out to the car in amazement. It is crazy how much nicer it is to go to a parade in warmth! The picture is of one of my favourite parts of the parade – watching them deflate the floats to get under the hydro wires! The Lion is always a close call.

The final picture is some of the Marigolds – going absolutely insane at the moment! They are massive & covered in flowers, as are the morning glories and cosmos. The last flower flourish of the year. I can smell Autumn in the air.

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