A Friend (sort of) for Zowie

Meet Debbie Hairy, the newest addition to the coop.

Zowie Bowie the ginger Silkie needed a buddy…  I found Debbie Hairy at a farm that produces eggs for Hockley Valley Resort.  Debbie is hilarious.  Of course she has nothing to do with Zowie.  Zowie still roosts alone in the bottom corner of the coop while everyone else has a spot on a perch! 


Here is Debbie hanging out with Napoleon and the Brahmas.  Napoleon loves his new lady!

Update (a few months later)  here are the egg colours.  Strangely the Brahmas are supposed to lay brown eggs – and they are laying very green looking things! One of the Brahmas is quite dark – she looks like pictures that I have seen of Legbars.  Legbars lay green eggs!  The Silkie is laying very pinkish coloured eggs.  The Mille Fleur D’uccle hasn’t layed yet!

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