Favourite 2011 Garden Pictures

The light was beautiful in the mornings this summer & I got some really gorgeous shots.  Some I have framed & hung in the house.  I love em!  It makes me feel better to see the pics in the dead of winter.  I can almost smell the blossoms!

This is the Helianthus.  This is the plant’s first bloom of the year.  It grows to a height of 8′ and spreads rapidly.  I will have to cut it back a bit in 2012 or it will take over the garden.

Here are a few of the Black Krim tomato blossoms.  They were very nice & big.  Hubby’s favourite tomato too!  I love the close-ups with hubby’s camera (:

Caribe Potato flowers.  They never set seed – but that’s ok.  They made great bright  purple tubers & the flowers were actually spectacular!  If they always had such large blooms I would plant a few in my flower beds.  Caribe is SO good for mashed potatoes.  Very light & fluffy.  Mmmmm…. mashed potatoes!

I overwintered some Giant Musselburgh Leeks to save seed from.  Here are the wee seed heads!  I love Allium.  They are beautiful when they bolt & send up the seed head (:

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