The Grizzly Bear

This is my 16-year-old husky/lab/shepherd/donkey/dingo/wolf mutt. Grizzly was a humane society puppy. He was found in a box about 1 week old on a snowy freezing January morning with his brother & 4 sisters. Only he & his brother survived.He quickly became the love of my life & constant companion (sorry husband). Grizzly is a hundred pound lap dog. He comes to my day job with me & sits underneath my desk. He knows the courier’s schedules & who brings the treats. He moves to the front door about 10 minutes before their usual delivery times to greet them with a puddle of drool and a handful or two or three of fur.

Grizzly has about two dozen stuffed animals. They are his babies & he knows them all by name. He is a bit hard of hearing, but when you ask him where his “Little Bear” or “Piggy Sheep” are he will hunt the house until he finds them & brings them back. He used to put them away in a big wicker basket when he was done cuddling with them. He has decided that he is too old for all of that running around & lets me do that for him these days.

Grizzly sleeps at my feet on our bed – usually. Sometimes I sleep in a 2×2′ spot above wherever Grizzly decides he is comfortable. Sometimes Grizz takes my poor husbands spot, pillow & all, and insists upon being spooned. My husband understands that it is Grizzly’s bed & sleeps on the couch.

Grizz is the sweetest, most patient, loving gorgeous animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Lucky me – I get to be his person.
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