Soda Pop Making

I keep meaning to post about the lacto-fermented pop that I heard about at Everdale Farm’s “Carrot Fest”.  So here we go.

It is SO ridiculously simple. All you need is a bit of ginger, some sugar, water & which ever fruit you would like to flavour it with! This recipe works really well:

Some notes:
1. I don’t bother buying filtered water. I use our well water & it works well. I’m not sure that city water would work as well with the chlorine/fluoride etc.
2. I have used the same ginger starter over a period of 4 months – it has kept very well in the fridge. I take it out the day before I am going to use it & wake it up by adding some sugar & ginger & let it sit out at room temperature.
3. My pop is bubbly within 24 hours of adding the starter. Within 48 hours I have to get it in the fridge or it will explode.
4. I use a coffee filter to filter out the bits of fruit. It tastes the best & keeps better if you get it as clear as you possibly can.
5. If you leave Apple Soda in the fridge for 2 months (accident) it turns into something that tastes exactly like a light lager. All of the sugar has been consumed by the yeast! I was close to cider! Next project – Hard Apple Cider. Pop is great & all… but cider… mmmm!
6. Fruit that has worked for me: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Cranberry.  Not so good – banana (made it murky, tasted good though).

Last week I made lemon/lime with vanilla (trying to get something close to cream soda). I overdid the limes & it tastes really good, but nothing like cream soda! The best tasting soda so far was the cranberry mash! Mmmm. I think it will be great when I have extra raspberries, strawberries or ground cherries from the garden. I wonder what cucumber soda would taste like?

Pictured: Cranberry soda

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