Greenhouse Building!

My snap together greenhouse has been sitting on the spot where our wedding gazebo had been until it blew away. I never meant to let the greenhouse sit there for 1.5 years… but there was always another project on the go.

So last weekend Hubby & Kids poured the concrete foundation while I did the gopher duty (uggg concrete is heavy to lug out to the garden). Last night I got home & hubby had pulled away the forms, exposing my lovely concrete. He had also grabbed a few of the cinder blocks (free from kijiji) and started to clean the mortar off of them. He doesn’t seem to understand that photos are needed before more steps are taken for my journal part of the process! Ah well…  He looks good in pictures though!

So, this weekend we will be mortaring cinder blocks! As soon as I can find some fee bricks the plan is to build a 2 foot wall and then secure the greenhouse to the brick wall. This will make it MUCH taller! Then we will backfill with garden pebbles or gravel. I am going to build 2 in ground beds on both sides of the greenhouse & do a walkway on top of the gravel with patio stones saved from an old project.

WOO HOO!!!!  (2 weeks later)

We finished up the greenhouse this weekend. Thursday we put on the wall capper. Saturday we picked up a yard of stones for the inside & wheelbarrowed them over. Sunday we washed the greenhouse & secured to the base! Then I moved all of my things back in. There are still a few small bits to do – lengthening the door & hubby wants to put some additional bracing in case of high winds. It is ridiculously tall, so I will need to make a little ladder so that I can close the window! We still have to run the electrical & water across the lawn – but my back can only take so much! By midweek the weather should break again & I can plant!

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