I think that I may have planted too many tomatoes… and a bit about the Dwarf Project

I had a cold last week & ended up taking Thursday off of work. There was no lovely husband asking where things are. No kids saying they are hungry. Nobody but me and about 500 tomatoes that needed repotting. So I made a pretty good start before the gang started arriving home from work and school.

I ended up planting between 2 and 5 seeds of 175 varieties. A few haven’t germinated. But that still adds up to a lot of repotting!  They have been on a daily rotation under my small growlight in the basement to the dining room window.  Its sort of like a winter stair stepper.  I will be glad when they can start going out into the greenhouse.


One of the 2 varieties of seed collected from 2 markets in Indian sent to me a gardener on Folia. I thought that the leaves were very pretty, rounded & shapely (shapely leaves??? maybe I have a bit of a tomato obsession problem). Folia is an excellent site.  It has definitely helped me to organize my seed stash & realize that I am a seed-a-holic (:





The Wee little Beauty Line Green Fleshed Dwarf F4 from the Tomatoville Dwarf Project. Ridiculously cute!  For anyone interested in helping grow outs in the dwarf project or just curious about the tiny plants that give large, colourful fruit http://dwarftomatoproject.net/index.php has all of the information.  Basically, it is a worldwide project to create new dwarf varieties through crosses of tasty indeterminate OP tomatoes (mainly heirloom) with dwarf tomatoes. Since more people are interested in growing tomatoes in smaller spaces, the dwarf plants should be very popular. Most of the tradition Dwarf varieties tend to be saladette reds, a bit bland in taste – so this would bring all sorts of new colours, sizes & flavours to the dwarf world. The seed becomes stable much faster with a worldwide effort because of the numerous growing seasons. The seeds are sent to the Northern or Southern Hemisphere project manager, who in turn sends them on to the next hemisphere for the other half-year grow out! I can’t wait to see what I get from my seeds. I am growing 3 different F4 lines. I am looking for only dwarfs, and then selecting for taste, size of fruit & colour. I have 2 green when ripe lines & one white cherry line! Fun.

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