The Ginger Experiment

Last spring I tried to chit a piece of grocery store ginger in a plastic bag on my fridge (for extra warmth). After 2 months nothing had happened. Like most things that end up on top of the fridge, it got pushed back just under the cupboards & forgotten about. 1 more month went by & I was doing a big kitchen cleaning & spotted the bag. I opened it & saw a bit of leaf growth! Into a pot of soil it went. 1 more month & a bit of green poked through the soil. I put it out in the greenhouse. At some point when I was ignoring it, it shot up 2 3.5’ stems with leaves. I kept it in a north window of the house & watered it lightly throughout the winter.

This week I gently pulled the ginger out to have a peek & a taste. After a year of growing it is about 5″x 5″ sized. I broke off a small piece of root & bit into it. YUM. Kind of watery with a bit harder bite than the original bit of grocer’s ginger. I have read that drying it helps intensify the taste. I would have taken a better picture of the growth, but I didn’t want to harm the tiny feeder roots! My plan is to put it in a very sunny raised bed without a pot this summer & see how well the roots grow!

All in all, I like it because I like to grow odd things. I eat quite a bit of ginger, so it definitely isn’t enough to keep my kitchen supplied, but maybe I will use it to make something special like candied ginger. I wish I could grow enough to use in my Thai recipes….  although the 12 almost 13-year-old is probably very pleased at the small quantity!  (:

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