Building the Raised Beds

Been pretty busy lately. We had this brilliant idea to replace my mounded raised beds with real wooden sided beds. We built 4 13×3′ beds, 2 13×4′ beds, 3 11×3′ beds. Building the beds was easy but moving the mounds out-of-the-way and then filling them back in wasn’t so much fun and my back/neck/legs/feet/hands/shoulders/knees/butt/teeth/skin/hair follicles are feeling it. So now we have the greenhouse & a row of the raised beds done & almost filled. We only have 3 13×3′, 2 13×4′ and 2 44×2′ beds left! Just typing that tires me out!

This spring we decided to do a few little projects outside. We are moving our 12×12′ pool shed to a new location (have to dig a foundation & backfill with stone & move the wiring & plumbing), building a 3’ high 40’ long retaining wall, replacing an ancient privacy fence with wrought iron along the top of the wall and building a small separate deck for our hot tub. We also decided to incorporate the hexagonal gazebo into the retaining wall (a small 3 sided jut out) & found some free patio stones (brick sized) to lay a patio underneath the gazebo. When that is done we found free pillar tops on kijiji and are going to build little stone entranceway posts at the bottom of the driveway – oh speaking of the driveway, we are getting 20 yards of stone to thicken it up a bit. I guess that I will have to get the rake back out (darn driveway is 30’wide and 60 feet long). So much for a few little building projects!

Anyone got a strong back & want to come help dig? (:

Here are the before:

And after pictures:

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