Pretty Blooms, Potatoes & in the Greenhouse

This was a busy weekend.  Filled with friends & family dropping by & a literal mountain of work – in the form of a 12 yard mountain of soil on our driveway that needed to be moved to the backyard.  We almost finished the new veggie raised beds & finally burned away most of the scrap wood leftovers!

There were some absolutely gorgeous blooms over the last few days.  I have about a dozen iris plants around the gardens – this one is my favourite.  It loves the hot, protected bed along the sunniest side of the house.

 Another perennial that is doing very well this year is my Sweet William Giant Singles.  I planted them from seed in 2011 and they were very small.  Tiny little blooms – no Giant about them.  This year they have spread to a 2′ clump (from 4″) and are at least a foot tall.  I took a few out of the perennial bed & stuck them in my planters.  It is turning out very well!

Inside the greenhouse the basil is coming along well & the tomatoes have started to flower!  I HAVE to get them outside soon!  There are about a dozen kinds of basil growing this year.  The Serrata variety is really interesting looking.  It has savoyed (wrinkly) leaves – a bit like a savoy spinach or cabbage.  It smells wonderful!  The Purple Ruffles is pretty light green & dark Purple &  the Opal Basil plant is the darkest pure purple.

The best growing crop out in the veggie garden this time of year is definitely the potatoes.  Norland Red, Yukon Gold & Purple Russian.  I can hardly wait to taste a few!

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