A New Veggie Garden!

Finally after 2 1/2 months we finished (close enough to finished) the raised beds & I planted 75 tomato plants yesterday!  Whew…. Here is the plan:

This is the before picture taken early April, 2012. I used to turn & rake the garden beds, hilling them as I went.  This year we decided to put a wooden border to make it neater & give me a bit more room.  It turned out to be a lot more room!  Usually snow-covered & freezing this time of year, April 2012 was lovely.  We got a big head start moving the greenhouse & building the first 3 ribs of the raised beds. They are 3 feet wide and 11 feet long.  The 3 ribs in the West end of the garden are a bit shorter because the greenhouse encroaches on the space.  Each of these beds are joined by 2 foot x 3 foot link creating small boxes where I usually grow my herbs. We quickly continued with the “rib” pattern down the entire garden, adding a couple of feet in the larger area.  In this picture you can see the new greenhouse as well! Next we built the North end of the garden in front of my 1/2 built trellis (never enough time to do everything)!  We did the exact same rib pattern as the longer ribs – 13 feet by 3 feet.  The first 2 ribs in each row are 4 feet wide.  I needed a few beds that would fit Pole Beans & Cucumbers!  This picture also shows a few of the tomato boxes, not secured yet. It also shows that the shed & privacy fence are gone, replaced with wrought iron & a retaining wall! It has been a ridiculously busy spring. Each box has a 1.5 foot post in each corner, lagging it down into the soil & hopefully keeping it from moving much in the winter!  The beds are also slightly staggered to follow the grade of the land.  The tomato beds are 48 feet long.  One has a 2.5 foot break to allow for a walkway.  The soil was mainly the soil already in the garden plus about 5 yards of homemade compost. I LOVE planting in boxes!  The soil is so soft & the weeds are easy to pull.  It looks very nice now that everything is starting to grow in.  There are a few more details to finish – an outdoor potting table area, a box for the asparagus….  But it is pretty much finished!

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