A Blue Tomato

This OSU Blue tomato looks awesome in my garden! I grew 2 plants side-by-side. They have the same growth habit & fruit formations. They are standouts when wandering through the garden & get a lot of comments.

Here is the basic information that I have found (online research):
Jim Myers from Oregon State University (OSU) bred this tomato by crossing a regular tomato plant with a genetic stock of a tomato that had a gene from a wild relative with anthocyanin-containing and the Aft gene. It grew out as a regular tomato plant containing the purple pigment and the Aft gene. Anthocyanins are of same class of compounds that produce pigments in red wine that work as antioxidants. Fruits like blue berries have high concentration of anthocyanin, adding to their health benefits. The anthocyanin is produced in fruits exposed to sunlight. The OSU Blue tomatoes become darker, the more light that they get. Cooler temperatures also help the colour expression.

I wouldn’t call mine blue. They are black with a slight tinge of purple. The bottom of the fruit that was less exposed to sunlight is is more of a mucky-orange colour. My plant ranges from 1.5″ to 2″ fruits, too large to be cherries. It is productive. The actual foliage has a purplish-blue cast to it. When cut open it is an orange-red colour. I have only tasted 1 fruit – not so good. A sharp sour taste followed quickly by nothing. Very bland. Good texture. I will leave the next one a little longer before taste testing!

In addition to the extra-healthy genes the colour is fun. I would imagine that this would be a great tomato to try some crosses with!

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