Our First Baby Chick!

Hubby decided a few weeks ago that he would candle a few eggs & see if we could spot anything. So, we left a batch of eggs in the hen house under a couple of the broody Brahmas. After a few days we took the cache of eggs into our bedroom closet & candled them (with a flashlight). One egg looked like it had a speck of something. So, he put it back under one of the Brahmas with a sharpie-X on it. It was the Polish hen – Dolly Part-hen’s – egg.

The two buff Brahmas sat on it, alternating shifts. After a couple of weeks I went to collect eggs & found the x’ed egg on the floor of the hen house, fallen out of the nesting box. It was cold. I brought it inside & gave it sadly to hubby. He candled it & it was full of viens & splotches. He decided that he would put it back in the nest box & hope for the best.

We were packing the car to head out to Niagara for the Tomato Tasting party hubby last Friday morning, so hubby went out with extra food & water to the hen house. He pushed one of the Brahmas aside to collect the eggs – and “peeeeeep peeeeep.” A chick!

So here she (hopefully) is….

She was definately not a newborn when hubby found her & is already very strong. Both Brahmas are mothering her. She sleeps under both of them! The Polish (biological mom) is not allowed anywhere near her. The Brahmas are very protective. Hopefully she will develope her dad’s spots & her mom’s crazy “hair.” We are calling her she in the hopes that she won’t start to crow & have to be separated. Truthfully, if she turns out to be a he – Hubby will build a new little coop for a second flock. (:

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2 Responses to Our First Baby Chick!

  1. jaymart46 says:

    WOW !!!! CONGRATULATION on your new baby! That is unexpected news.


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