Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Taste Fest 2012!

Last summer I asked Hubby if he would like to go to a tomato party.  He rolled his eyes.  I told him that I heard that there was BBQed meat on sticks & beer is cheap in the USA.  He said that he loves tomato parties.  So, we made a weekend of it – heading down to Niagara Falls Canadian side for Friday night and across the border for the party on Saturday & stayed on Grand Island for the night.   The party was really fun.  The people couldn’t have been more welcoming, helpful or kind.  We had a great time.  There was a lot of gardening talk – but a lot of just plain old chatting, along with meat & beer keeping hubby happy. We decided to try to make it our wedding anniversary weekend trip every year.

The Festival is held on Grand Island, NY in late August every year by Remy of the Sample Seed Shop. Basically the party consists of people bringing (although you don’t have to) different varieties of tomatoes.  They are cut into bite size pieces & you sample them.  It helps cut down your list of things that you want to grow next summer – or in my case, add to it!

It is a potluck.  Gardeners tend to be good cooks – so the food is fantastic & usually mostly from the gardens.  You can bring alcohol & kids.  The kids go for tractor rides, play on the swingset & generally have a great time.  This year they were baby to teens.  There is a raffle to help take care of some of the costs for the party.  There are so many prizes that even those of us who never win anything (me) have won 2 years in a row! 

There are prizes for the smallest, largest, ugliest, prettiest, sweetest, tangiest & best overall.  Photos below are the entries for the prettiest, largest and best overall tomato – Rinaldo grown by Tara, with the hostess Remy.  My White Currants came in 2nd for best overall! 

For more information:

Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Taste Fest

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