Chicks Love Piggybacks!

She is growing so fast (please let her be a she).  A few pics:

Biological Mom:  Dolly Part-Hen named for her “wig.”

We are hoping for the same bouffant hair-do on the baby.  Bio-mom is not allowed near the chick. In fact she is chased away more viciously than any of the other coop-mates. She is not the brightest of the bunch. I am not sure that she has noticed the baby chick! In the background is dad – Napoleon Dynamite.  He has great colours.  Hopefully she will develop spots too!

The chick is getting brave & wanders all over the hen run.  The 3 brahmas triangulate around her & ward off the other interested hens & Napoleon.

Her favourite thing over the last couple of days has been to ride the Brahmas.  It is ridiculously cute.  She stays on the back of the Brahma for about 5 minutes at a time. Occasionally she has to cling to the feathers when the Brahma makes a sudden turn. I am trying to shoot a video, but when I open the door the moms shake the chick to the ground & hide her.  It is easier to take pictures through the wire (:

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