Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens

While in Niagara Falls  we spent a morning wandering the 99 acres of gardens at Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens.  Home to the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, the gardens are inspirational.  Including veggie gardens, herb gardens, a massive rose garden, every variety of tree I could think of, formal plantings, pond gardens, perennials, annual displays, planters, shade gardens…. 

I could have spent the entire day taking pictures of things to add to our gardens at home.  Even my non-gardening hubby enjoyed seeing the displays & getting ideas for more flower beds at home! We really liked the waterfall area.  It made us want to add a pond to the area by the hen house.  I think that we would really enjoy sitting by a water garden while watching the chickens & rabbit. The rose garden area is spectacular.  Although very few roses are in bloom in September the scent still hung in the air.  We will go next June to see it in bloom. I am not generally a formal garden fan, but the annual beds looked gorgeous.  Every direction that you turn beckons with a little half hidden doorway through the shrubs leading to a different garden.

The veggie gardens were decent.  I am too critical of veggie gardens because I spend too much time in my own.  I should give public vegetable gardens a bit of slack, as they are supposed to be pretty as well as functional.  The artichokes were amazing.  I was annoyed & jealous that mine had died in a late frost as seedlings this spring!  The herb garden was great.  Hubby doesn’t know it yet – but I think I am going to put in a 10×10′ herb garden next year.  I am thinking about a short boxwood hedge design with the herbs inside the borders.

I loved spending the morning walking with my handsome hubby (I really want that herb garden) around the beautiful gardens!

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