Winter 2012/2013 Trade List

December has crawled by without Grizz and it is almost Christmas. I have just started to trade seeds for my spring planting.  If anyone is interested – just send me a message.  I like to share, so SASBE or SASE are also available for some seeds.  All of the seeds listed are collected from my garden 2011 or 2012 unbagged & usually not isolated.  Some peppers are slightly isolated – ask for more info if anything appeals.  I am in Canada & happy to trade with other countries.

FLOWERS: (good sized pinch)
Adam’s Needle- Yucca                                         Ageratum – Blue Mink
Calendula – Flashback                                         Datura – Lilac La Fleur
Four O’Clock – Magenta                                       Mallow – no ID pink
Marigold – “crazy blend” (from a trade)                   Marigold – Tashkent
Marigold – Vanilla F2 – saved from a hybrid            Morning Glory – Milky Way
Poppy – No ID Orange Oriental

HERBS: (good sized pinch)
Amaranth – Love Lies Bleeding                             Basil – Lettuce Leaf
Chives                                                                 Dill – Frank’s Extra Large
Millet – Intense Purple

HOT PEPPERS: (10-15 seeds unless noted)
Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper -red) (5-7)                   Long Red Cayenne
Cherry Bomb                                                       Habanero – Red, Orange or mix
Hot Banana (commercial 2011)                             Jalapeno
Hungarian Hot Wax (commercial 2012)                  Ring of Fire
Thai Dragon

SWEET PEPPERS (10-15 seeds unless noted)
Corno di Toro Giallo                                              Pimento
Orange Shepherd                                                 Super Shepherd

Cucumber – Double Yield (15)                               Cucumber – Straight 8 (15)
Cucumber – Sweet Slice (15)                                Cucumber – Sayu Long Chinese (15)
Eggplant – Black Beauty (10-15)                          Ground Cherry – Aunt Molly’s (10-15)
Jaltomate – Garden Berry (10-15)                         Melon – Canary (10)
Melon – Mini-honeydew (10)                                 Squash – Delicata (10)
Squash – Spaghetti (10)                                      Tomatillo – VerdexPurple (10-15)

TOMATOES – all from my garden, unbagged 2011 or 2012. 10-15 seeds of each
Amana Orange, Amazon Chocolate, Ananas Vert, Beefsteak (commercial), Berkeley Tie Dye Heart, Black Cherry, Black From Tula, Black Krim, Blush, Brandywine Yellow, Byche Serdste Oranzehevoe (may be crossed), Campbell 19, Carbon, Charlie’s Green, Cherokee Purple, Chile Verde, Chocolate Cherry, Costoluto Genovese, Coyote, Crnkovic Yugoslavian, Cuostralee, Dad’s Sunset, Dice’s Mystery Black, Donskoi, Dwarf Emerald Giant, Early Kus Ali, Ernesto, Evergreen, Feuerwerk, First Mate, Garden Lime, Gary’O Sena, Gianni, Gold Medal, Golden Rave F2, Goose Creek, Grandma Oliver’s Green, Granny’s Heart, Great White, Green Doctors Frosted, Grub’s Mystery Green, Guernsey Island, Guernsey Island Pink Blush (elongated cherry version), Hays, Hillbilly, Indian Stripe Potato Leaf, Isis Candy, Japanese Trifele, JD’s Special C-Tex, KBX, Kosovo, Large Barred Boar, Lemon Drop, Limmony, Little Lucky, Lucinda, Lucky Cross, Malakhitovaya Shkatulka, Mazarini, Monkey Ass, Neves Azorean Red, Nicky Crain, Nyagous, Olive Hill, Orange Russian 117, OSU Blue, Paul Robeson, Primrose Gage, Principe Borghese, Purple Calabash, Red Star, Red Stuffer, Roma (from a swap), San Marzano Lungo F1 (commercial 2011), Siletz, Snow White, Spears Tennessee Green, Stump of the World, Sungella, Tuxhorn, White Currant, White Queen, Yellow Pear

I am mainly interested in edibles/herbs, but also love tall clumping perennials and annuals that do well in planters.  I generally like the tall ‘English Cottage Garden’ type flowers or any easy to grow flower (:  I have a massive “Most Wanted list”  But I am easily tempted!

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11 Responses to Winter 2012/2013 Trade List

  1. How about Russian mammoth Sunflower? or Chia Seeds? to trade for anything you would like to trade? We are a young family who just bought a farm and need anything in terms of fruits or veggies or interesting flowers


    • nicky says:

      The chia sounds good – my mom loves sprouts of any kind (: I already have the sunflowers! Let me know what you are intersected in.


      • you can email me at rather then filling up your blog space.



      • nicky says:

        Hi Keltic Kreek What seeds are you interested in? I responded to your gardenweb comment in the Canadian swap thread too (: Cheers Nicky

        Sent from my iPad


      • Think I just sent you and email via gardenweb. Either way, we are looking to grow a variety of items next year to see what we like best.

        In a perfect world situation (based on your list) we are looking for the following:

        Orange Shepherd
        Super Shepherd
        Your 5 or 6 favourite Tomatoes including Little Lucky and the Kosovo
        Melon – Mini-honeydew
        Squash – Spaghetti
        Squash – Delicata
        Your favourite cucumber
        2 of your favourite Hot Pepper excluding the ghost and the orange habanero, we already have them.
        Yoiur dill
        If you have any beans we’d like 4 or 5 of your favourite of those as well.

        My wife wants to have a flower garden but I dont know what she would like from your list, so maybe 5 of your favourite flowers including at least one marigold.

        To trade I can send you a pound of Chia seeds from
        also we have
        Chinese 5 colour pepper
        Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas
        Green Arrow Pea
        Large Manitoba Pea
        Paulownia Catalpofolia _Superfast growing tree
        Sugar Pie Pumpkin
        A variety of Cactus seeds
        And a Friend Gave me a whole mix of bush beans I done even know what they are, A few I see in your chart on your blog but some I have aren’t there. I can toss in a couple each of those.

        Thanks and all the best


      • nicky says:

        Sent from my iPad


      • Last message you posted was empty…. just an FYI… Happy Holidays…


  2. also indigo rose tomato
    and Kaiser alexander cucumber



  3. I would be interested in trading tomato seeds with you. I always enjoy looking at your tomato reviews. Let me know if you interested in trading. My trade list is posted on my blog at


    • nicky says:

      Hi Tricia,
      Sure we can set up a trade… Can you send me an email any time after December 1st – it’s a bit crazy around here sorting out the large seed swap that I host. 🙂 I will have a complete trade list together by early December.



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