Introducing Bozley!

We had planned on taking a little break from doggie responsibility for at least a few months, if not longer.  Maybe we could go on a few trips without worrying a babysitter, or go out for dinner at friends & not come home early, get out of the house a bit & sleep through the night for a while.  But… since Grizzly left us in December I have cried every day.  The world seems so quiet & grey without him.   I lasted a month before I couldn’t stand another second without a furry companion.

Grizzly was a humane society fella & I couldn’t have asked for a more sweet, friendly, loving & trustworthy companion, so we searched the local humane societies and rescues.   We finally found a little guy at a rescue called HART.  We saw 3 pictures and a video of him on Petfinder and fell in love.  HART seemed to have a very thorough screening process, which we really liked.  I submitted an application, had a phone interview, had a home visit to make sure our home was safe for a little guy, then finally got to meet him at his foster home.   The HART ladies were very kind & helpful. They helped us fly through the adoption steps and it didn’t take long before we brought home our:


Bozley in snowHe is a fearless, beautiful blue eyed 9 week old Springer Spaniel (mom) crossed with an Australian Shepherd mix (dad).  He is nippy & jumpy, but sleeps for 2 hours for every 15 minutes of walking.  He knew “sit” when we brought him home, but figured out “lie down” within an evening.  He was the hit of the Trans Canada Trail by our house this Sunday morning. The kids think he is beautiful & they are amazingly good with him.  We are working on his puppy jumping & nipping & I am very proud of how patient & positive they are with him, helping to teach him good puppy habits.  He is adorable.  He is the funniest when he is exhausted.  He tries SO hard to keep his eyes open… he just can’t do it!

Bozley asleepHis bed is too big for him & he keeps sliding off the edge.  We roll him back up on top of the bed & look over 5 minutes later to see him wedged between the bed & wall with his legs straight up in the air, fast asleep.

The little guy has Grizzly’s amazing paw prints to follow & I couldn’t be happier, as I have a little furry one to love & snuggle & spoil again.



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3 Responses to Introducing Bozley!

  1. Dave says:

    well you did get away for a few days in NF and you will probably taking him to work??
    like the colour – let me know when he’s past the jump and nip stage so I can bring Ida


  2. nicky says:

    We did go out of town for almost 24 hours! Hee hee!!! I guess we will see you all in about 7 years when he starts behaving! He is ridiculously cute & is a fast learner for everything except nipping. He has already figured out the no jump part (; We are heading to puppy class soon, so hopefully your ankles will all be safe soon after!


  3. Dawn says:

    Congratulations on your new furry family member. Bozley is absolutely beautiful!


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