Here Are The Potatoes – with a cool growing idea!

imageEvery year I decide in the fall that I am going to pick a few favourites to grow and stop trialling so many varieties.  Then winter hits and I start rummaging through seed sites.  Eventually my 1 or 2 varieties become 5 or 10, then by spring it’s is up to 15.  I should not look at Eagle Creek Farms website. They have too many interesting potatoes.  I just can’t resist.  So, here I am posting about 10 varieties instead of 2!



Decent production of small 2.3-3cm oval red skinned potatoes with yellow flesh.  A main crop variety from the Netherlands. The potato was very hard to cut for the picture.  Thick and waxy hard flesh.  This variety Should be ideal for potato salad, but was forgettable fried.

image AGRIA

Large thick 4-5″ flattened ovals with light yellow skin and dark yellow flesh. Very dry & floury.  A main crop variety.  They were everyone’s favourite when the potatoes for this blog post were fried After the photo session!



This variety is supposed to have pink eyes, but mine didn’t do very well.  They grew close to the top of the bed and shot off so many tiny tubers that the larger ones didn’t seem to have enough energy to grow.  This is one of the larger. Waxy yellow inside.  Supposed to be great for mashing.



Grown from a few saved for seed from last year.  Excellent yields of small roundish bright pink all the way through potatoes!  They keep their colour when fried, although they had a tendency to fall apart. Very tasty. I can’t wait to mash some!



A small yield of small to medium sized round potatoes.  Very white flesh inside a dark purple skin.  Bred by Agriculture Canada.   These are supposed to be for boiling or baking.  They were forgettable fried, but the white flesh is striking and would make very pretty as a twice baked potato with chives & bacon!



An early season wax potato. When I cut into this one it was very tender & juicy.  They yielded quite a few long thin smallish whitish yellow potatoes, from just one seed potato.  I would imagine that this one will have to be a salad potato, given the size.



This variety (along with Russian Blue) were part of my pole bean bed experiment. I hate weeding inside my pole been tepees, so I grew potatoes to smother out the weeds.  Perfect!  My yield from my 1 Candy Cane seed potato from previous year was fantastic and I didn’t have week my bean bed once! Plus – what a pretty potato!


The other half of my pole bean bed experiment.  The yields were fabulous.  I have grown Russian Blue for years & it always produces well, but in the pole beans…. Wow!!!  My best guess is that the bit of shade thrown by the beans keeps the moisture in the bed better, allowing the potatoes to develop rapidly.   This how I will grow all of my beans next year.



Well, not quite sure what to say about this one.  Last year it was a huge producer. This year I planted one seed potato – the rest were accidentally eaten. It produced one potato.  Now that I have cut it in half for the blog post, I will have to order more. I’m never sure about the fingerlings.  I am more of a fry, mash or baked potato fan.



Mmmmm.  That is all that I have to write!  ;). So very good.  This is my favourite.  Fabulous fried.  Toss em’ in sea salt & olive oil & bake them.  Even the kids eat them without ketchup, so that they can taste the flavour!  This years crop did well.  The skin was a bit rough, but the insides are the usual dark yellow and the yields were great.

overall winner: Butterball.  Just love the texture.

Plant next year: Butterball, Agria, Alaska Sweetheart, Candy Cane, Russian Blue all in the pole bean bed!

Now I have to narrow down my list and pick a few more when Eagle Creek puts up its seed potatoes for next spring!



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