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2 Responses to GO JAYS GO!!!

  1. judithadam says:

    Hi Nicky,
    Just to thank you for offering such a useful website. I’ve wanted to grow beans for many years, but haven’t had the nerve to rip out peonies and make room for more interesting and productive plants. Last year I did experiment with pole beans, and they were very rewarding! So this season I’m finally going to put in a row of bush beans, and additional climbing space for pole varieties. I’ve used your helpful site to guide me in selections, and the seeds have all arrived. Thanks so much for your generous sharing of information, and wonderful pictures. Your efforts both in the garden and on the web site are much appreciated. And by the way, one of my sons is a sports journalist, so we are certainly deep into Blue Jays World here!
    Kind regards,
    Judith Adam


    • nicky says:

      Fantastic! Glad that the site has helped & thank you for your kind words. I haven’t done an entry in ages. I’ll have to try to do a bit more this year!

      Good luck with all of the new varieties.

      And GO JAYS GO! 😉


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