Its that time of year again!

Welcome to the 6th Annual Exchange!  The format is the same as the previous years except that I am going to try to use a group email (rather than 50+ emails to do separately), so if you wish to be taken off of the group, just let me know.

Just a quick thank you to all of the participants from last year. There were a ton of bonuses – and some great new participants!

Here are the guidelines. Let me know if you wish to take part & I will email my address to you!   If you have any questions, shoot me a message and I will help you out!

(Partially paraphrased from Heather MacDonald’s annual pepper/tomato swap guidelines – with her permission)

ADDRESS  to be sent if you commit to participating.

This is my business address & the postman brings the mail straight to me! Seeds are due  November 17th, so please put your seeds in the mail on or before November 7th to ensure that they reach me on time. You are welcome to send your envelope earlier.

1. You can send in up to 40 seed packs for exchange & as many bonuses as you wish. If you send in 40 packages, you will get 40 packages back. If you send in 5 packages you will get 5 back. Bonuses will be divided between everyone, so you will end up with more than you send in. Occasionally I split seed packs in order to fill popular wishes. You can send in up to 2 packs of the same variety. If you send in more than 2 packs of the same variety I will contact you. I can either use the seeds as bonus or send them back to you in your return envelope.

2. This swap is for NAMED VARIETIES of seed only. Please mark the seed package with the type of seed (annual or perennial flower, herb, vegetable, etc.) & the cultivar name. If you know – mark whether they are heirloom or OP, or hybrid. If seeds are from a commercial source, please note that as well. Basically put as much info as you can on the packet. If there is anything that are unsure of, just ask! Do not include mixes or mystery seeds or unnamed (eg: Red Cherry Tomato or Orange Marigold) unless they are clearly marked as bonus seed. It isn`t fair to send mystery seed to people who sent in named varieties. Unknown varieties will be sent back to you, unless marked as bonuses.

If you are sending in hybrid seed, only F1 seed from a commercial source is acceptable. Please mark the source on the package. Do not send in seeds you have collected from a hybrid plant. They will not grow true to the parent plant. If you are unsure if the seed you have collected is from a hybrid, please research online or send me a message & I will try to find out.

Seed doesn`t need to be collected from bagged or separated varieties – accidental crosses occasionally happen. When you grow out the seeds that you receive please try not to be upset if an occasional plant isn`t true. Sometimes crosses are better than the original … That being said, please don`t send in seed that you know is crossed & will not grow true.

3. Please include a list of the seeds that you are sending in. Also include a wish list or preferences & if there are any seeds you do not want to receive. I will try my best to accommodate wish lists, but there are no guarantees. The returned seeds will be completely dependent upon what is sent in. The easiest wishlists to fill include some specifics, but also some general wishes. Don’t be shy. It is easier if your wishlist has 1000 things on it! (: Please feel free to email your wishlist earlier. It  is easier for me to fill more of your wishes. If you receive something on your wishlist or find something that you wish to add to your list at any time before I send back your envelope, let me know.

4. Please mail your seeds inside of a bubble envelope with your return address label inside. It is important that you send a regular bubble envelope & not the heavy cardboard  type to keep within the weight restriction. Please send $2.95 return postage. If your package uses less postage I will send you back the difference. Please do not assume that your postage will be the same as your package that you send in. There may be lots of bonus seeds or heavy seeds. I will reuse your original bubble envelope to send your seeds back to you. If you go to Canada Post & they try to charge you more, be sure to tell them that is Lettermail, non-standard and oversize – just make sure that is the correct width to fit through the slot!

The weight category (usually) is:
$2.95. 100-200 grams
https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/pages/lettersdocs/default.page” This has been the correct weight category for almost every package that I have sent out in previous years.

5. Please include both your real name (for mailing) and your screen name & your email – so I know who has sent in their seeds!

Inside your bubble wrap envelope you should have;
1. Whatever seed you are contributing to the swap
2. A list of whatever seed you have put in your envelope
3. Stamps totaling $2.95 (you will need another $2.95 in stamps to
send your seeds to me)
4. An address label with your address on it.
5. A wish list or do not want list (:
6. Your name & Screen name along with an email address.

Remember, you can email your wish list as soon as it is ready, making it easier to fill. You can also change your wish list after you have sent it. Just let me know of any additions or changes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Happy trading !!!





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  1. Caroline says:

    Dear Nicky,
    I am an avid gardener in Ontario, I would like to join in your seed exchange, am I too late??


  2. I got mine in the mail just in the nick of time, dropped it off at the post office on Sunday…hoping they postmarked it Monday!!!


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