The New Coop and Rabbit Home

We are almost done the new coop/rabbit house! We turned a little brown 70’s particle board 8×8 shed into an 18×8′ long outbuilding with electricity! We used mostly recycled, restore or auction materials (like our gorgeous $5 siding). It is fully insulated, with a 5×8′ storage room in the front entrance and a gable window on the South-west side.

The rabbit house is completely removable. I can take out everything & clean it. I can take the entire thing out in the spring and let it bleach in the sun! Each panel can be reconfigured to make separate cages for new bird quarantines, brooder areas or just to separate anyone misbehaving! The floor is reversible, removable linoleum. Edwing & Ezekial are very happy in their new home.  Now I get to make the fun stuff – stairs & tunnels & toys!
These are the new birds, fresh out of quarantine from the Mount Forest Fall sale. They have been in 2 separate cages in the garage until about a week ago, when I put the cages beside each other and then put them in the new coop together. So far, so good. Only a little bit of feather pulling. There is a Porcelain D’Uccle, Mille Fleur, Ameraucana and a White Crested Black Polish. I can’t wait to see the egg colour from the Amauricana!

Next week I will introduce the older hens, who are still out in the small coop, enjoying the last of the good weather. A black Silkie, a Partridge Silkie, a tiny Brahma, 2 Gold Laced Polish and a Mille Fleur roo.  They are the calmest hens that we have ever had, except for the black Silkie.  She is a bit of a nut. She races around every morning pecking everyone in site & then spends the rest of her day in a nest box.   I am going to break her broodiness when I get her in the new coop & hopefully that will relax her a bit!

 I love the storage room. It is fully insulated & has a big window. It should make feeding & care more convenient, especially in the winter.  Plus, I get to decorate it with some of Russ’s grandma GGs rooster collection!
 Here are a couple of before photos! 70’s particle board 🙂
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