Fairy Fart!

Last night I went out to the coop to give the girls their nightly warm oatmeal and to tuck them in – yes, they are spoiled and yes, I realize that I am the crazy chicken lady.  I grabbed the eggs from the nest boxes as the ladies plowed through their oatmeal, then stood beside the feeder to watch them.  I looked down… and look at what I found…


A teeny little egg!!!  Perfectly shaped and darker than the rest, smaller than a quarter!  I tucked in the gang for the night and brought the tiny egg into the kitchen to photograph – yes, I know, crazy chicken lady.

Google said that a new layer or layer starting up again occasionally has a mini-egg.  So, I posted the pic on Poultry Talk Ontario and waited for a comment.  Sure enough, the little egg got a few giggles and a name – Fairy Fart!  I am assuming that my Black Silkie ‘BB’ who had been broody until a couple of days ago have me this tiny present, as she is getting ready to lay again.

Next I tried to crack it open on a plate.  WOW the hardest little egg ever… I thought that I broke the plate.  I grabbed a knife and weilded it like an axe to reveal a perfectly formed mini-egg!


Chickens are cool and Fairy Farts are the cutest (;

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