About Me….

A baseball playing gardening lover with a small plot of land surrounded by a lot of farmland in Southern Ontario.  A lovely chicken coop & a large veggie garden. Growing a ridiculous amount of tomatoes.  Can, freeze & dry mountains of veggies & fruit.  Bake my own bread, make my own pasta, make our own wine & soda!  A hubby, dog, two cats, one rabbit & a bunch of chickens.


14 Responses to About Me….

  1. Hi Nicky,

    We are also in Southern Ontario (Whitby) and just starting out on a small farm. One day we’ll have something similar to you, hopefully. Please email me when you have a chance to discuss some seed trading.

    That would be greatly appreciated.

    Great blog by the way.

    Thanks in advance.




  2. What a beautiful blog! Very nice. I love your presentation, and the pictures are grand. (Seconded by my husband – I called him in to take a look. I quote: “Wow!”) I’m also a Canadian gardener, over in BC, and I operate a small commercial nursery. One of our “things” is that we grow a large collection of tomatoes every year. Sales season is in full swing, but I’m already planning for next year, and I came across your blog when Googling “Little Lucky”. As I’ve already ordered seed, I was thrilled to see your high recommendation!
    Hope all is well in your part of the world, and happy gardening in 2013.


    • nicky says:

      Wow! I can’t believe that you have time to read my blog at this time of year….. Then again I am hiding from my garden reading emails! Thank you for your kind comments! I always wonder who reads my blog! Little Lucky was really excellent! You will love it.

      I had a quick peek at your blog – it looks great… I read a few books a week, so I will be hunting for inspiration!

      Hope your sales go well & if you ever need seed for anything let me know!


  3. Alex says:

    Hi Nicky… love the blog! whereabouts are you located… northern Niagara Peninsula here…

    Looking for specific heirloom tomato seed that is close by…. can you email me?


  4. frank wiley says:

    hi nicky, i am having problems sending you a message on the “gardenweb.com” site, I would love to participate in your seed swap. I am really into tropical plants and things that are very unique and different. My email is wiley_1983@hotmail.com if you could give me your address to send some seeds to. I’m looking forward to hearing from you – thanks – Frank Wiley


  5. Breanne Farris says:

    Hi i received some of your spinach mix in a trade. I was hoping that you could tell me more about it. It just says unbagged 2014. I also see you grow tons of different beans and as a newbie gardener that loves to make chili/soups for my husband would love to try some. I don’t have any of my own heirlooms to trade yet but have a few tomatoes that i have picked up in trades (jellybean, amur, copia, lemonboy, cherokee purple, and bradley). If you would be interested in a trade or would send beans by SASE/SASBE (i know you’re in canada so if this is a pain just let me know) – i’m willing to pay shipping. THANKS breanne.yingling@gmail.com


  6. Breanne Farris says:

    sorry my last message didn’t appear to have posted so i wrote it out again 🙂


  7. Mike Curtice says:

    Hi, My name is Mike. I have 400+ organic/veganic heirloom/O-P (only) tomato varieties available for swapping…are you interested in doing a seed swap??? I too, have a tomato obsession…Positive Vibrations


  8. Barb W says:

    Hi Nicky. I am also in Canada and would like to participate in the seed exchange for next year. I didn’t find this site until after the cut-off date. If you could add me to your list I’d like to take part.


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